Our Story

Stretching the core ethos of athleisure wear, we at Salmon Stretch believe in the power of dressing up within our comfort. The brand's vision is to dream up a fresh perspective through its colors, textures and silhouettes that embrace the WOMAN of today; One, who is confident and independent. The clothes we wear reflect our personality, mood & character, and what's better than wearing something that inspires to be the real you!
Walking down the streets of Milan; whilst pursuing my Masters in Fashion, spotting the latest trends was like a breath of fresh air. I explored the era of adaptive fashion, where you can always put on a little show that suits your mood. I believe, I have the gift of expressing and redecorating styles and at the back of my head I envision how to ameliorate my presence in the fashion world and make a difference. And so, I intend to co-create an individualistic brand that produces “freshly baked clothes” and emulates off-duty dressing in our real lives. Inspired by street style yet classic silhouettes with elegance and poise reflecting personal style, my idea of this brand is to shape one’s own rules for athleisure fashion. I want to design for the Real people and fabricate a sense of style to make every day the best version of it.
-Tripti Rughwani
2021 is all about breaking style boundaries with athleisure being the perfect antidote to conventional clothing. Celebrities like Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian have effortlessly blended the concept into the mainstream fashion landscape which inspired me to carve out a niche in the Indian market that serves just the right purpose in a customer’s journey. Born out of the trouble and need of finding the right piece for myself, the one that blurs the line between casual and sportswear, I was determined to bring out that element of versatility in Salmon Stretch. Through our clothing, we’ve tried to enter the prism of fluidity added with comfort features and blended luxe fabrics that offer a refined tailored look when compared with the signature track suits of previous decades. The brand for me, is an epitome of everything that a quintessential woman has ever desired from the world of fashion. My vision for Salmon Stretch aims to experiment with a gender-less and more inclusive clothing for the future which questions the typical notions of gender, body shape & size.
-Sherryl Goyal